Communication and Culture at North Shore Speech Therapy

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At North Shore Speech Therapy, we’re not just about helping our clients find their voice; we’re also committed to enhancing our own communication skills. Last week our team got together for our Quarterly Cuddle supported by the fabulous Grazina Fechner (Griz).

💥 The Big Bang!

We explored our own unique communication styles and preferences with Griz’s Big Bang Behavioural Theory.  We learnt how to how to recognise and meet the communication styles of our colleagues to further nurture our amazing team culture. Respecting communication preferences and adapting our own styles to the needs of others also supports us to provide amazing experiences for our clients and their parents and carers. Griz’s guidance was invaluable, and we loved being able to learn and grow together.

🙌 Teamwork

We recognise that teamwork is key to our workplace: we have a powerful role to play in the lives of our clients and their families, and we work together to provide a supportive, fun and enriching workplace where we want to be every day!  By understanding each other better, we are able to foster our own, each others’ and our clients successes.

🏆 Quarterly Champion

Our Quarterly Cuddle is also an opportunity for us to celebrate the achievements of our team members.  A big congratulations our Quarterly Champion – Abi! Abi’s positivity, ‘can – do’ attitude, and her unwavering support of her colleagues and clients have cemented her as a valuable team member at NSST in just a few short months. Well done Abi – we are so pleased to have you on our NSST Team.

🌱 Personal Growth and Professional Development

Professional development extends beyond clinical skills. We recognize that personal and professional growth contributes to our overall wellbeing and job satisfaction, and enhances the quality service that we provide to our clients and their families. Our commitment to professional development and fostering strong connections sets NSST apart.

Check out other fantastic personal and professional development opportunities coming up soon at NSST.