Our speech pathology services

Comprehensive speech and language therapy services

Evidence-based programs to give your child a voice

No matter whether your child is barely a toddler or if they’re entering high school, speech pathology can provide effective support to help your child thrive.

As well as helping to address and improve difficulties with late talking, unclear speech and stuttering, speech pathology is also proven to be effective for issues including feeding problems, reading and spelling difficulties, and social skills. Explore our services to find out more and book an assessment so we can tailor our treatment to your child’s needs.

Our speech pathology services

More than learning to speak clearly, speech therapy is about every aspect of communication. That’s why we have a comprehensive range of integrated services to help your child communicate clearly, across both spoken, written and non-verbal communication

Our treatment is tailored to your child’s needs, as well as your family circumstances. Therapy sessions are available in our modern clinic rooms at Chatswood, Hornsby and Neutral Bay, or in the comfort of your home via telehealth. This means we can work with families from anywhere in Australia.

Late talkers

Is your toddler or not talking as much as you would expect? Let’s find out why.

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Does your child struggle to understand spoken or written information?

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Additional needs and learning difficulties

Support for kids with autism, ADHD and a range of developmental challenges.

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Feeding and fussy eating

Are mealtimes a challenge or is feeding your child causing you frustration?

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Helping your child communicate in spoken and written form – including vocabulary, grammar and written work.

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Speech clarity and presentations

Addressing the structure, content and delivery of oral presentations.

Develop speech clarity

Unclear speech

Does your child use all the sounds expected for their age? Can your child easily be understood by others?

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Reading and spelling

An understanding of sounds and letters is the vital beginning for reading and spelling. We can help with learning phonics and so much more!

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Study skills and exam techniques

Help your child with evidence-based approaches to enhance study skills.

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Therapy for stuttering is fun, and proven to be effective for both young children and teens.

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Social skills and friendships

Helping children develop skills to build relationships in a range of environments.

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Essay writing

Build skills to enhance written communication including research and structure tips.

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We can help to identify any potential issues and work with you to provide effective,
evidence-supported strategies to support your child’s speech and language development

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