Speech Therapy Online

Telehealth is one of the options we provide to make our services accessible

Speech Therapy via Telehealth

Speech therapy online for clients across Australia

We understand that fitting in therapy sessions can be difficult with a busy family life. At North Shore Speech Therapy, telehealth is one of the options we provide to make our services accessible if you can’t make it to our clinic or in-school programs. Having Speech online is also a great option to ensure continuity of therapy when the need arises.

Telehealth allows us to work with families beyond our immediate area, as well as families that are located on Sydney’s North Shore.  Anyone can opt for the convenience of telehealth – even if you are interstate or overseas!

So many kids love their technology and so do we. We’ve found a way to make teletherapy engaging and novel, as well as easy for families to access. It also allows us to ‘be’ in your home and use the things you have available day-to-day to support your child. Telehealth is both fun AND effective!

Making therapy work for you with the click of a button

Contact us to book a telehealth session and we’ll take care of the rest.

We will send you a link so you can join from the comfort of your own home using any device with a web camera and microphone. How easy is that?

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