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Essay Writing Tutoring

It’s a familiar scenario for many parents. Your child has left their work to the last minute and is now in a panic, desperate for your help. You take a deep breath and try to hold back your frustration, but you can’t help wondering if there’s something you can do to stop this procrastination.

Let’s face it, for some people, writing doesn’t come easily. It can be plain hard work and it’s no wonder some kids will go out of their way to put tasks off until the last minute.

But writing is an important assessment tool, especially in high school and beyond, so developing strong writing skills is a skill for life.

Signs your child might need essay writing support

If your child takes a long time to write, or is spending a lot of time without much to show for it,  they might need support. Other indicators include:

  • Not knowing what to write or where to start
  • Not understanding the question or not answering it correctly
  • Immature writing and poor sentence structure
  • Poorly organised essays or written assignments
  • Poor spelling
  • Language that doesn’t suit the purpose of what’s being written
  • Significant frustration around written assignments or refusing to complete homework tasks.
Essay Writing Tutor Sydney

Our essay writing support

We can tailor our approach to suit your child’s strengths and weaknesses. We’ll help your child learn how to:

  • Plan their work
  • Know how to start an assignment
  • Develop research skills
  • Structure their writing
  • Answer the question and ‘fulfil the brief’
Essay Writing Tutor Sydney

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