Workshops and Screenings

Workshops for parents and teachers, holiday programs for children

Speech therapy information sessions

Workshops for teachers and parents

Workshops for teachers

Our workshops for teachers cover the four key communication areas including speech clarity, comprehension, expressive language and literacy. Through case studies of real students, we help give teachers the skills to identify if children will benefit from speech pathology support as well as practical ideas for the classroom.

Our most popular teacher workshop is Language and Learning Difficulties. This 2 hour workshop is designed to assist teachers in identifying students with language and learning difficulties and ways to help them in the classroom.


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Workshops for parents

Targeted sessions available for parents of preschool or primary school aged children covering what to expect from your child and information on language development. These practical workshops also include information on technology and screen time, and ways parents can support their child.

These sessions are designed to be held at your school or preschool and help parents to identify when intervention might be useful. There’s a lot of well-meaning but misguided information for parents to navigate, so we’ll provide expert advice parents can trust.

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