Speech Clarity and Presentation Skills for Children

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Presentations skills for kids

Speaking in front of others is an important life skill. For some children, this is difficult due to shyness and lack of confidence. For other children, the lack of confidence is a direct result of a language-difficulties or a speech disorder. But whatever the reason, developing public speaking and presentation skills is something that can be learnt and provides children with an excellent foundation for later in life.

Our therapists will work with your child to develop tailored strategies based on their needs. This can include help with:

  • Structuring information and communicating thoughts
  • Correcting unclear speech
  • Modulating tone and communicating with expression to suit the message
  • Presentation skills including use of eye contact and body language.

Presentations skills for kids

Our one-on-one sessions to help kids with presentation skills will give your child a solid foundation when it comes to public speaking and presenting to a group. We’ll help with strategies for overcoming nerves and reducing anxiety. Just like reading and writing, becoming a confident speaker and presenter is a skill that can be learnt and enhanced with the right strategies, support and practice.

Our therapists will work with you, your child and teachers to set goals so you can track progress and gain a sense of accomplishment.

Presentations skills for kids

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