Neurodiverse Family Friendly Activities in Sydney

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Embrace Neurodiversity! North Shore Speech Therapy is shining a light on family-friendly activities in Sydney that support autistic people to engage in our local community.

What neurodiverse friendly activities are available?

🌈 Waitara Park Sensory Playground

Available: anytime
Sensory-rich elements engage young minds, while calm retreat areas provide a serene escape.
Location: Waitara Park, 22 Waitara Avenue NSW 2077

💙 ‘Sensory-Friendly’ Sundays at Maritime Museum

Available: 8:30am –12pm on specific Sundays of the year
Offers an earlier opening time at 8:30am, which is 1.5hrs before public access. Some modifications are made for Autistic visitors. Trained staff & volunteers are on hand to facilitate creative activities.
More details about sensory friendly Sundays

🌻 ‘Sunflower Sundays’ at Museum of Contemporary Art

Available: 10am-4pm on specific Sundays of the year
They recognise sunflower lanyards for ‘hidden disabilities’. Less noise & more staff on hand to provide support.
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🛒 ‘Quiet Hour’ at Coles

Available: 6-7pm Mondays to Fridays
Coles will provide a low sensory shopping experience. That is, the radio will be turned down, register and scanner volumes will be reduced to the lowest level, no PA announcements will be made (except in the case of emergencies), and additional team members will be available to support customers.
More details about Coles quiet hour

🛒 ‘Quiet Hour’ at Woolworths

Available: 10:30-11:30am every Tuesday
Stores will lower lights, turn down music and radio, reduce volume on store phones and registers on the trading floors, and no PA announcements will be made (excluding in case of emergencies).

📽️ ‘Sensory Friendly Screenings’ at Event Cinemas Hornsby

Available: Monthly on Sundays (except school holidays)
Sensory-friendly screenings mean that the cinema lights are dimmed and the movie volume is lowered.

🐟 ‘Disability friendly swimming club’ at Rainbow Club Swimming

Available: Varies according to location
Offers social swimming clubs for children with a disability. A fun and safe community for children with a disability to swim, interact, and play.
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🏕️ Camp Breakaway

Available: 9th-12th September
A 3-to-4-day program is designed to give Autistic children and other neurodivergent children engaging activities which encourage and support them to further develop their skills, sense of belonging and self-worth.