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How many times has your neurodivergent Teen/Tween told you they wish they could make more friends?

Parents of neurodivergent kids have mentioned how challenging it can be to help them connect with their tribe.

Our Neuro-affirming, and autistic-friendly groups are designed to create a welcoming space for students to socialise and discover more about themselves and each other.  We have consulted with our Autistic teenagers about what they are looking for and have tailored our approach to meet some of these needs.

Our Speech Pathologist and Neurodiversity Champion, Jean Cleary, has developed a programme that aims to unite students in shared interests and also will help them to discover and understand more about themselves.  They will leave feeling more able to advocate for themselves at school and with new social connections to expand their network prior to starting the school year.

Imagine a safe place for your child to:

  • learn about themselves
  • share special interests
  • discuss what its like navigating life in a largely neurotypical world
  • connect with others who have similar experiences
  • develop self-advocacy
  • be better prepared for the transition to a new school year

The details:

  • When: 15th – 18th January 2024
  • Where: Level 4 /54 Neridah Street Chatswood
  • Times:
    – High School Hangout (12-16 Years): 10.00am – 11.30am each day
    – Tween Time (9-11 Years): 1.30pm – 3.00pm each day
  • Cost: $590 (can be claimed under your NDIS if applicable)

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